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Let Me Game in Peace
My Second Life Is An Absurdist Power Fantasy

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1290 – Based on Honesty and Integrity shoes scorch
Gladys, the Reaper
Void Parrot originated overseas. It was subsequently said to be a bird that never landed on the floor. It soared higher than the sea all of its living. Furthermore, it was asserted that Void Pet bird obtained the ability to go to tomorrow. Everywhere it appeared, there was clearly a very high potential for an enormous tornado going on the very next day. Therefore, Void Parrot was known as Bird of Prophecy or maybe the Pet bird of Calamity.
“That bothersome fellow complete opposite me,” Zhong Ziya mentioned.
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“Fighter subst.i.tute? How can that work well? Who is he subst.i.tuting? Combat the League of Guardians in place of the Sacred Nature a.s.sociation?”
“Good,” Immortal clarified.
“You don’t dare to accept the job?” Zhong Ziya expected again.
“No buzz.” Zhou Wen organised the Companion Egg and turned into Immortal. “Lord Immortal, as you can tell, Leader Ya invested a Terror-standard Associate Egg to obtain me to combat for him. If you believe the expense of a Associate Egg cell is too minimal, you can actually offer a greater value. I’ll help you to do better than him up.”
“That annoying other complete opposite me,” Zhong Ziya said.
“Now that you’ve undertaken my Mate Ovum, it is time and energy to work,” Zhong Ziya mentioned.
“That troublesome other complete opposite me,” Zhong Ziya reported.
“Although he’s qualified, he’s really also shameless.”
“Fighter subst.i.tute? How exactly does that work well? That is he subst.i.tuting? Combat the League of Guardians rather than the Sacred Spirit a.s.sociation?”
The situation was that Immortal didn’t understand the origins of Looter King. Possibly he was part of the Holy Spirit a.s.sociation and was only pretending.
Chapter 1290: Based upon Trustworthiness and Condition
“Of study course not. I have been a loner. I never reveal my profits with other people, so how to become a member of an institution to divided the cash with other people? Since I am supplying fighter subst.i.tute providers, I speculate if you are interested in my solutions. My costs commence within a Mythical Friend Ovum,” Zhou Wen mentioned, possessing evolved his speech.
“That is dependent upon that you want me to combat,” Zhou Wen said.
Zhou Wen caught the crystal and stroked it twice before applying it aside. He checked out Immortal and expected, “Lord Immortal, don’t worry. Ever since I’ve applied transaction, I’ll definitely assist you to compromise the challenge. I’ll definitely surpass him to the ground making him incapable of rise up. What is your opinion?”
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“Name your cost,” Zhong Ziya mentioned yet again.
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“What would you suggest by elevating the retail price? This is known as extortion, fine?”
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“There are advantages to being shameless. Evaluate him. They have already secured a Terror-quality Mate Egg cell. At the minimum, he can acquire a Terror-level Mate Ovum. I’m afraid we won’t have the chance to face this kind of large-standard product in this lives. He earned it with just a few terms. I phone that proficiency.”
“You do not dare to simply accept the position?” Zhong Ziya asked yet again.
Zhou Wen continued that has a look, “After obtaining your advantages, I’ll naturally enable you to defeat up that Lord Immortal. Nonetheless, I have also acquired some thing great from Lord Immortal. Additionally, the rewards he presents me are superior to the one you have, well, i must overcome you up primary. Following I am carried out defeating you up, I’ll conquer him up. It does not matter. I am someone that valuations condition probably the most. I am dependant on loyalty and sincerity. I ensure total satisfaction for all my recruiters for all those closed up financial transactions.”
“You don’t dare to accept the project?” Zhong Ziya asked once more.
“That is determined by who you want me to battle,” Zhou Wen mentioned.
Section 1290: According to Honesty and Dependability
The problem was that Immortal didn’t be aware of origins of Looter Master. Most likely he was part of the Holy Nature a.s.sociation and was just acting.
“I’ll perform work with whoever offers me by far the most gains. However, don’t worry. I actually have my skilled integrity. As long as I be given positive aspects, I’ll definitely perform the perform. Should I can’t take action, I’ll refund it fully. I promise it with my standing. Usually, I’ll be struck by super and expire with no accomplish corpse…” Zhou Wen swore just like he was serious.
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“Take it if you wish it. If they are not, perform the job,” Immortal stated calmly.
Zhou Wen carried on having a smile, “After obtaining your positive aspects, I’ll naturally help you do better than up that Lord Immortal. However, I’ve also got some thing fantastic from Lord Immortal. On top of that, the advantages he delivers me are superior to your own, so I must do better than you up first. Following I am carried out whipping you up, I’ll defeat him up. It does not matter. I’m a person who values integrity the best. I am according to integrity and dependability. I promise total satisfaction for all my business employers for many sealed financial transactions.”
Backside when Zhou Wen used his sword to bar the seventh Calamity-class bullet, even Immortal didn’t dare belittle him.
Section 1290: Depending on Loyalty and Sincerity
“You never dare to simply accept the job?” Zhong Ziya questioned again.
Everyone’s jaws dropped. People were stunned for years.
“Now that you’ve considered my Associate Egg, it’s time to perform,” Zhong Ziya reported.
“F*ck, he’s also shameless. This other actually lifted the price so brazenly.”
“Deal.” Zhong Ziya lengthy his palm and threw a Companion Egg cell at Zhou Wen. “Terror-level Flaming Monarch, you can examine the products and solutions primary.”
As individuals outlined, Immortal investigated Zhou Wen and said with no variances on his speech, “How must i are aware that you will definitely be employed by me following having my monthly payment?”
“That’s an important number from your League of Guardians. He’s extremely effective,” Zhou Wen said, seemingly scared.
“Looter Ruler? What’s he accomplishing in this article? Does not he only like to buy sc.r.a.ps? Is there something for him to loot here?”
“F*ck, he’s very shameless. This fellow actually lifted the retail price so brazenly.”
“It’s good stuff, but it’s limited to the identical levels of course. The Flaming Monarch Friend Ovum is not very much worse yet. Why never you very best it a little bit more?” Zhou Wen stated.

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